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Welcome to Ayd Hardware, your friendly, neighborhood hardware store since 1974! If you dont see what you need on the site, give us a call. 410-377-0220.

Mobile Tractor Repair

Ayd Hardware now offers a mobile tractor repair service, click for more!

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Air Conditioner

Are you looking for a economical air conditioner to get you through the hot season? We have you covered at Ayd Hardware with 5,000 BTU window unit for the low price of $159.99.  These tiny but mighty units can really help bring the temperature down in those warmer rooms in the house. Read on for more...

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Mother's Day

Mother's Day is coming up quickly. Are you prepared?  Ayd Hardware has everything from hanging baskets and flowers to veggies and herbs.  We even carry a full line of women's garden tools and gardening gloves designed with Mom in mind.  Stop by and see what we have for your Mom this Mother's Day.

Summer Heat

Summer heat giving you and your garden the blues?  Wilted plants, brown grass, struggling vegetables are all common place this time of year, but we know how to fix that. The article below contains some good pointers for keeping your lawn and garden lush this time of year.

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Heat in your home

Summer time is as good a time as any to weatherproof your home.  Just like in the winter your home loses energy to the outside extreme weather.  Your air conditioning has to work harder to keep a drafty house cool, just like a heater in the winter.  Making adjustments during this time of year can help you in both weather extremes.  Here's how...

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