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Welcome to Ayd Hardware, your friendly, neighborhood hardware store since 1974! If you dont see what you need on the site, give us a call. 410-377-0220.

Snow Blower Tune Up Time

If your snow blower has been dormant since last winter, we recommend that you have it serviced before the snow starts falling.

We are taking in snow blowers for tune ups and carberator overhauls, so get out there and see if your blower is starting. If you need our help, now is the time to get it in to us, if you can't get it to us we can come get it . Our fee for pick up and delivery is $25.00 - 35.00.

Tune ups are priced at $ 49.95 plus parts, usually an additional $15.00- $20.00. We will Clean the fuel system of old gas, change the plug, change the oil, clean and adjust the carberator. We check all cables and sheer pins. 

When you have it returned to you it will we running like new.

Don't forget to buy some fuel stabilizer, it will put off the the ethanol problem.

Holiday Time

Hard to believe that the end of the year is around the corner! The Holidays are here. It's time to get your holiday lights untangled, your Christmas trees up in their stands, get the fire roaring in the fireplace, and the cookies baking away in the oven.

We know this can be a stressful time of year, but we can help lighten your load.

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Winter Weather

The Farmer's Almanac calls for this winter to be a very brutal one.  With the Almanac foreseeing low temperatures and the potential for hefty precipitation, this could be a record breaking Baltimore winter.  Believe it or not the earliest recorded snowfall in Baltimore was October 10th, 1979, during the World Series. The latest recorded snowfall was April 28th 1898. We average approximately 18.2 inches of annual snowfall in Maryland. Question being, ARE YOU READY?

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Winterizing Your Home

Living in Baltimore we are very used to crazy weather. From the high heat and humidity of the summer months to the cool, snowy winters we are constantly coping with Mother Nature. Our bodies may adapt to it, but is your house ready for the winter weather that comes with life in Baltimore?

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