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Welcome to Ayd Hardware, your friendly, neighborhood hardware store since 1974! If you dont see what you need on the site, give us a call. 410-377-0220.

Fall Happenings @ Ayd Hardware

Now that we have passed the Equinox, its time to consider preparations for fall and winter. The days will continue to get shorter and the air colder. That said, let's talk about what we will need for the coming months.

Leaves will be dropping before we know it and you should be ready. We have a large supply of leaf rakes, paper leaf bags, and contractor bags waiting for you. For those of you within the city limits, clear yard bags are available as well.

Check out your Leaf Blowers and Vacuums, if they are not starting, bring them in for service. We will have them running like new in no time.

Fall planting should be considred now, grass seed, mums, etc. We have a selection of Jonathan Green Fall Magic (great seed mix for this area and this time of year), Black Beauty and Sun/ Shade grass mixes, as well as the Fall Fertilizer, step 4 in the four step annual program.

Our Mums are from local nurseries, beautiful and sharply priced, come in and take a look. It will be difficult to leave without some.

Thanks for your continued patronage and may we all have a happy and safe fall and winter.


Winter Weather

The Farmer's Almanac calls for this winter to be a very brutal one.  With the Almanac foreseeing low temperatures and the potential for hefty precipitation, this could be a record breaking Baltimore winter.  Believe it or not the earliest recorded snowfall in Baltimore was October 10th, 1979, during the World Series. The latest recorded snowfall was April 28th 1898. We average approximately 18.2 inches of annual snowfall in Maryland. Question being, ARE YOU READY?

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The Leaves Are Falling

It's the time of year where you start seeing your breath, the short sleeves are making way for the hoodies and long sleeves, and iced coffee making way for hot coffee. With this transition the leaves start turning to their brightest reds, oranges, and yellows. It's a beautiful time of year in Baltimore, and as those gorgeous leaves start fallling and making a beautiful palate of color in your front yard, the rakes start coming out. Some of those rakes may have broken tines, handles may be worn, or it may be time to get the kids involved in the yard clean up.

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Winterizing Your Home

Living in Baltimore we are very used to crazy weather. From the high heat and humidity of the summer months to the cool, snowy winters we are constantly coping with Mother Nature. Our bodies may adapt to it, but is your house ready for the winter weather that comes with life in Baltimore?

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