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We have everything you need here, in stock and ready for sale, to get you ready to combat Jack Frost and his army of snowflakes. From standard plow shovels to ice breakers and ergonomically correct snow tools, we have it. Looking for pet safe ice melt, or large buckets of melt to get you through the winter? We have them on the shelves now, waiting for you. Why battle the bad weather when it comes when you can have the tools and ice melt on hand ready to go? Ice melt stays good as long as it's kept in an airtight container. This is why we recommend people buying our large buckets of ice melt at the beginning of the season and filling them with lesser quantities as the winter progresses.

Crazy winter weather is nothing new in Maryland. Learning the lessons from past years and being prepared keeps everyone safe, off the roads, and snuggled at home in front of heaters and fireplaces. The less people are out and about during the snowfall, the less bad news there will be. Everyone enjoys a good snowfall and we at Ayd Hardware are no different, but safety is first and foremost. Sit back, enjoy the snowfall with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate, make your best "Frosty" for the front yard, and be prepared in advance so there is no winter weather rush.

(source was the NWS located at http://www.erh.noaa.gov/lwx/Historic_Events/md-winter.html )


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