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Living in Baltimore we are very used to crazy weather. From the high heat and humidity of the summer months to the cool, snowy winters we are constantly coping with Mother Nature. Our bodies may adapt to it, but is your house ready for the winter weather that comes with life in Baltimore? A quick trip to Ayd Hardware and some inexpensive door sweeps, foam weather seals, and window insulation kits can save you a lot of money in the long run. Not only do these steps help keep your home warm in the winter, but it also helps you keep cool in the summer. Wrapping your pipes in pipe insulation can help them keep warm. That cuts down on the work your water heater has to do to provide your much needed warm morning shower. Caulk any gaps you find around your windows, doors, electrical plates, tubs, and showers. Gaps cause drafts and drafts rob your home of its warm air.

We also suggest that our customers take these FREE steps to ensure warm, comfy, well circulated air in your home this winter.  We also offer this link to make your life a little easier and continue your own research.  CLICK HERE

  • Reverse your ceiling fans in the winter. Having your fan blowing down in the summer gives you a great cooling feeling, and having your fan reversed in the winter helps circulate the warm air that's higher in the room.
  • Adding more blankets to your bed is a simple step, and also allows you to program your thermostat to a lower temperature at night.  Each degree you can lower your thermostat saves you money.
  • Clean out the leaves in your gutters before the ice comes. The gutters fill with leaves, get dammed up with water, and when the water freezes it can cause some very expensive damages that can affect your home's winter durability.
  • If you have a room that gets little or no use in the winter (a sun porch, covered deck, or a spare bedroom) consider closing it off from the rest of the house. A well sealed door that closes off these rooms prevents you from having to heat a room that's not even being used.

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