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Everyone who has lived through a Baltimore summer knows that July and August are the toughest months to beat the heat. Water restrictions and lawn care becomes a major concern this time of year. We have great ideas to help you keep the cost down while maintaining a lush green lawn and healthy vibrant plants. 

Have you considered buying a rain barrel? They are a great resource in a place like Baltimore. Many of our hottest and highest humidity days are followed by rainshowers. Collecting this rain water is a great "earth friendly" way to water your plants. At Ayd Hardware we carry many types of water barrells that are both practical and attractive. They collect the rain water and store it for your use whenever a drought or water shortage is announced. Come in and check out our inventory, and if you don't see what you like, we can likely order a style that works best for your home and preference.

During these scorching months, a few simple steps can be used to make life easier for your lawn and garden. First and foremost, avoid using fertilizers throughout July and August. This will only encourage your lawn to burn. When mowing your lawn, raise the height adjusters a few settings.  The slightly longer stems will allow the grass to maintain more moisture and help it through the longer days. Finally, when watering your lawn, avoid doing so during the middle parts of the day.  The water droplets on the leaves during the heat of the day acts like a magnifying glass. Early morning and late afternoon / evening are the best times as less water evaporates and the lawn (as well as gardens and other plants) have more time to absorb the water they are being given. We have a wide selection of sprinklers to fit your individual needs, as well as water timers to assist you in taking advantage of the premium watering times.

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