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Did you know that fall is actually the perfect time of year to seed your lawn?  Fall offers the perfect amount of rainfall, a great temperature, and less concerns for disease and insect damage then the summer and spring.  Combine these conditions with a good fall/ winter hearty seed and you have the perfect mix for a lush, strong, vibrant green lawn that will last through adverse conditions.  

At Ayd Hardware we carry many types of Jonathan Green grass seed, including their fall seed "Fall Magic". This seed mixture is high in Tall Fescue seed and is naturally insect resistant.  It also contains smaller quantities of rye grass and bluegrass which help give you the color and vibrance you would expect from a golf course, without much of the hassle.  

We also recommend that you fertilize your lawn this time of year in order to prepare it for what could be a harsh Maryland winter.  We carry "Winter Survival" fertilizer which is perfect for giving your lawn a deep root base and the vigor to survive the cold temperatures.  Establishing a strong lawn now makes the need for spring seeding obsolete and will surely give your family a beautiful yard to look forward to for summer fun. 

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