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It is believed that there are more than 60 breeds of mosquitoes that populate the state of Maryland.  One of the most popular is the the AsianTiger Mosquito, which you recognize as the small black one with white stripes who is very persistent and hard to "SMACK".  As with all breeds of mosquitos, the female is the one you need to worry about as blood is only used for ovarian development and NOT for everyday nutrition.  Despite misconceptions, mosquitoes actually survive on carbs from fruit and flower nectar, not our blood.  The females only feed on us during the reproductive season to help add nutrients to the larvae they leave behind.

We have a great opportunity to put a big dent in the mosquito population, which, if left to its own devices, would spread diseases all over the state with very little to stand in its way.  Yes, repellants are good for keeping the bugs off of you, but that does little to curb the population of these surprisingly dangerous "little flies" (which is the Spanish translation of mosquito).  We carry mosquito dunks, granuals, and sprays designed to kill both adults and larvae of all breeds of mosquitoes.  The dunks are as easy as dropping one dunk in standing water (a spot notorious for mosquito breeding) and replacing the dunk approximately 30 days later.  The sprays we carry also can kill the adults and is also very easy to apply.  

Not only do we carry insecticides, but we also have many types of repellent.  From "The Bite Lite" (a natural candle with lemongrass, mint and natural citronella oil) and other citronella candles to cool repelling wrist bands and the Off! Clip On.  We also have bite relief sticks for itch releif after being bitten.  Stop in and see all we have to prevent and help cure bites.  

For more information visit the department of agriculture site... http://www.mda.state.md.us/plants-pests/mosquito_control/mosquito_info/index.php

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