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 Worried about the electrical bills this time of year? Too hot in your home? Adding oscillating and high power fans are a great cost effective way to get the cool air in your house moving. As many know hot air rises and pushes cold air lower to the ground. Wonder why your dog loves the floor in the "dog days of summer?" That’s the coolest place in the house. You can share this cool air by simply adding a fan to each floor of your home to circulate the air. Fans can cost as little as pennies a day to operate and can make a big difference by moving the cool air from the first floor to the rest of your home. We supply many types of fans from window fans to high power floor fans to small desk fans. Even the little guys can make a big impact when used in the right space. Come in and see what ideas we have to help you keep cool this summer.

We also cut room-darkening pull down shades to sizes. These are a great way to cut back on the heat and UV rays produced by the sun. Being as windows are a very easy way to lose your cool air, we also recommend the use of window insulation kits. These kits are normally used more in the wintertime to keep the cold air out of the house, but they surely work the other around. One kit can work miracles on a drafty window and can save you money in the long run. It's also recommended you check your weather stripping around your windows and doors. Just like the winter, the name of the game is keeping your air in and nature's air out. We have many options to help you compete with the hot summer temperatures in an easy, cost effective means. 


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