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Want to smoke a rack of ribs low and slow for that perfect tender bite?  We have you covered!  Want to sear a beautiful steak hot and quick for that perfect medium rare?  We have you covered! Want to try your hand at cooking a breakfast of eggs, sausage and pancakes on your grill?  We have you covered for that too!  This is the perfect time of year to fire up your grill, enjoy a couple cold ones of your choice, play a few rounds of corn-hole, and prep for the return of baseball.  True tailgaters have mastered making a full days worth of meals on the grill, and we at Ayd Hardware are ready to share our knowledge on everything from smoking ribs and fish to cast iron pan cooking on the grill.  We have both briquette and lump charcoal available, including many options to get the coals started (though we highly recommend chimneys and starter blocks over lighter fluid).  We also offer a few different types of smoking chips for every meat from fish to venison.  Save yourself the hassle of all the pots and pans.  Grill some meat or fish, along with ears of corn and toss some grilled veggies in a cast iron pan directly over the flame. The entire meal can be prepared on the grill with little to no clean up. Come in and let us show you how.  

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