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Without hesitation, the best seed we carry is the Black Beauty Ultra seed. This seed is mostly a tall fescue mix but does contain smaller amounts of both bluegrass and ryegrass. Tall fescue is widely known for its durability, its high resistance to heat, salts, insects, and drought, and is the last of cold weather grasses to brown. The only negative characteristic of a tall fescue seed is the extended germination time; this is where the faster germinating bluegrass and ryegrass come in to play. These grasses may not be as hearty as tall fescue, but they germinate quicker, giving your ground coverage as the fescue grows in.

Blue and rye grasses may be harder to maintain, but what they lack in toughness they make up for in their deep green and blue/green color. These grasses have a more ornamental use, but are also much better in the shade than the tall fescue varieties. There are obviously exceptions to every rule, but for the most part these apply to the general species of grasses.

We have many different variaties of seed represented, and there is always someone available to answer any questions you may have. We have years of knowledge to pass on to you to give you a lawn that would make a golf course superintendant jealous.

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